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Los Angeles Massage School is an institute of massage therapy and pain management that is situated at Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley in California. The school is located on the ground floor of medical facilities of. The entire area covered by the LA Massage School is 6000 square feet and it also consists of a back entrance and front entrance. The entire area is divided into two halves where one is the school area and the other is the clinic area. The school area of school of massage therapy includes a reception, administrative office and classrooms that are six in number with four rooms for therapy and it also consists of a gym that is very well equipped for several practical applications. The Massage School is basically a for-profit sole proprietorship that is found to be registered in the area of California.

The various services and the characteristics of LA Massage School have been listed below:


Experience and Quality

LA Massage School possesses a very experienced and authentic team that has the obsession and the desire of providing service of highest quality in pain management and massage therapy.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Methods

Los Angeles Massage School shows great commitment and at the same time dedication in working out various methods that help in managing pain and using therapies of massage for the welfare and for the relief of the people.

Management of Pain and Stress

The school mainly focuses on the area of service that it provides best such as massage and body treatment but it does not speak of any trends, fads and miracles and the entire school deals with the management of pain and stress and at the same time the proper care of the body for living a healthy life.

Skill of Training and Development

Creating and developing such techniques and instruction manuals that help students develop a love and a longing for massage therapy and pain management.Applications and the use of regulations for intended training and development of skills that can empower the use of pain management and massage therapy in different issues of the body as well as in different conditions.


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